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Amazing Iguazu

Getting off the bus we were relieved and grateful to discover that our hostel was directly opposite the bus station. Thankfully the taxi driver we asked told us this rather than take our fare and drive us around for a few minutes! Our room wasn’t ready as it was only mid morning but we were [...]

Lima Lights, Camera, Action

After our time in Ecuador we had decided to visit Iguazu falls. Getting there, however was a bit of a marathon. First of all our flight from Guayaquil to Lima was early in the morning, leaving us all day in Lima before our night flight to Argentina. We arrived in Lima to a bit of [...]

University Challenge

Our other day trip was in and around Cordoba city ┬áitself. This time we managed to drive straight into the centre without getting lost. We’d read in our guide book, which advised that the University was worth a visit & that they did guided tours. We were a little bit skeptical as to whether it [...]

Cordoba, Carlos & Che

The bus ride to Cordoba was eventful once again. After our days activities we were both sleeping peacefully when we discovered that the bus had stopped. To say it was over heating was a bit of an understatement. We transfered us and all (or almost all) of our stuff to the next bus but quickly [...]

Rocks, Rivers & Riders

We arrived in San Juan not really knowing what to expect. From our view on the bus it seemed to appear out of nowhere in the desert scrub land. Another frontier town. We arrived at siesta time and to say the town was quiet was an understatement. The streets were deserted save for a few [...]

Mendoza sites and Maipu bikes

The bus journey through the Andes was filled with fabulous scenery. In previous parts of our journey colours came from the various forms of vegetation and snow covered mountain tops. On this bus ride the colours all emanated from the rocks themselves. Many times the bus wound up into the higher valleys before a descent [...]

Gutted… & the Glacier

Next morning we were on a mission. We were flying back to El Calafate for a couple of nights before taking the bus journey into Chile. It was Saturday 19/03/11, and the final day of the 6 Nations Championship back home. We were booked on a 1pm flight which arrived at 2pm (5pm UK time), [...]

Up and Down in Ushuaia

After the stopover in El Calafate, we caught the plane down to Ushuaia, often referred to as the ‘end of the world’. We thought this was not strictly accurate, as where the end of anything that is a sphere actually is, can be a topic of endless hours of conjecture. As far as Argentina is [...]

Calafate Riding

Colin was in trouble!! In order to get flights at a reasonable price, and at the right times to give us the best chance of catching a ferry in Chile, later in the month, he’d booked a flight from Bariloche to Calafate on Sunday 13/03/11. This may have seemed very innocent, but this was the [...]

Car & Kayak

So all packed up we leave the Buenos Aries Hostel and, following the advice of our hosts, take the walk across Avenida De Mayo to the underground station for the “easy trip” to the bus station. It transpires none of us had taken into account the 30 degree temperatures and the number of people who [...]