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Golden Gate & George Michael

The flight to San Francisco was delayed due to a storm in the US midwest, but this just resulted in us arriving at the same time our family did. The plan was that we would stay in San Francisco for two nights to ease their jet lag and then journey on to Hawaii to spend [...]

Jet to Jersey & Wag’s Wedding

Caught the shuttle, just, the next morning and headed out to Terminal 5, for the BA flight to Newark, New Jersey. We’d had a bit of a hitch the previous night while checking in online and as we arrived the booked seats had us at opposite ends of the Economy section of the plane. After [...]

Kings of LA

How to make the drive up to Los Angeles, was the first decision. Were we to take the coast road or the Interstate?scenery or speed? Decision made we head up the Interstate to start and come off at La Jolla, a place that had been recommended for its Kayaking and swimming with seals and possibly [...]

Zoo, zoo, nip to the zoo

Linz for once drags Colin up and out the next morning. We were off to the zoo & Linz was very excited, a whole raft of animals to dream about owning one day. Colin was less excited. A whole raft of animals to persuade Linz she didn’t want! The zoo was huge. So big that [...]

Bags, Bob & Blues

Arriving in San Diego was a bit of a mission. We’d picked a flight via Los Angeles because it was cheaper than going direct. Daft really when San Diego’s only a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. In retrospect we should’ve picked up a car there but hey ho. Instead, we arrived in LA with [...]

Hair-raising Hogs & Redwoods

The deal we’d done with the car park attendant meant that we had to get the bikes out of the downtown garage by 8am. That meant an early start to say the least, we had to be out of our hostel at 7.30am. To say Colin was nervous putting Linz on a motorcycle at that [...]

Escape from Alcatraz

We started the next day with skype calls to Colin’s Aunt Kath & Linz’s Mom & Dad (no that’s not the American spelling that’s Birmingham spelling for Mom -ask Linz)! Then we made one final call to a motorbike hire company. The majority of the BBC’s 10 things to do in San Francisco were outside [...]

California here we come….

The flight over the Rockies from Denver was stunning and interesting. the Rockies appeared to be similar in format here as they had been in Canada. We first crossed a section of high snow capped peaks, while we were still in Colorado, which we had been reliably informed did not exceed 14,999 feet, although the [...]

Things to do in Denver…when you’re Alive

First thing we notice when the plane’s touching down in Denver is that it is incredibly flat. For miles and miles. Then just the other side of this plain to the North & West of Denver are the snow capped Rockies. They spring from nowhere just rising up out of a flat plain to a [...]

Whales, whales & Catons

As the hot air balloon ride Linz bought Colin for his birthday didn’t go ahead (we got a full refund – phew!!) she has since been on the case to find something else for him. Obviously this has got to be an experience present really as there is no room in our rucksacks for something [...]