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Amazonian Adventures – Part 2

After lunch it was time to pack up our stuff ready for a night camping outside in the jungle. We decided the essentials we needed and bundled the rest of our stuff up in the lodge. We then had a bit of a wait as the heavens decided to open. Alan was very reluctant to [...]

Amazonian Adventures – Part 1

Manaus is a sprawling city of 2 million people in Northern Brazil, and is used as the gateway to the Amazon region. Early the next morning David came and picked us up from our hostel and took us to the tour company offices. We met the owner, Gerry, signed the necessary paperwork, handed over the [...]

Plodding in Sao Paolo

We arrived in Sao Paulo late at night and caught a local bus to our hotel. We got off where the driver told us to but then had no idea where we should go. After wandering around and getting a bit nervous as we negotiated quiet back streets we eventually got in a taxi that [...]

Amazing Iguazu

Getting off the bus we were relieved and grateful to discover that our hostel was directly opposite the bus station. Thankfully the taxi driver we asked told us this rather than take our fare and drive us around for a few minutes! Our room wasn’t ready as it was only mid morning but we were [...]

Rucks & Bikes

In true preparation for a day of rugby we treated ourselves to a lie-in the next day and then retraced our steps from the night before. We were gutted to find that though the assurances of the previous night were nonsense – they were showing the Manchester United game. Remembering our internet searches we headed [...]

Jesus is big in Rio

Next morning we decided to do the big tourist sites. First stop the Christ the Redeemer. We decided to brave the buses as they stopped right outside our hotel. This turned out to be the budget option as we paid 5 Reals for both of us, about £2, for what turned out to be a [...]

Fears & First Night

Flying to Rio Linz was a little nervous of what to expect. The guide book (yes, Lonely Planet) spent quite a large chunk of print outlining the various dangers, threats and annoyances we could encounter when we landed. It also went into some detail explaining the various areas that it was ok to stay in. [...]

Cocooned in Morro

Getting to Morro de Sao Paulo involved a 2 1/2 hour boat ride. Not Lindsey’s favourite mode of transport but thankfully she could stand at the front, Titantic style. It kept the horizon in front of her and nausea at bay! One of the features of Morro de Sao Paulo is that there are no [...]

Barra in Bahia

Next morning we packed, returning the room we had been sleeping in back to Simon & Rahel for use as an office. Time was getting on so Colin went to buy water and guarana for the bus trip to Salvador. As he walked to the nearby corner shop, he noticed Simon’s car was missing. Enquiries [...]

Into the Interior

Our last full day in Floriano was spent with Simon exploring the interior. First things first though, Simon received a phone call from Bebeo, the guy who looked after materials supply to the site. Overnight the water must have come on, from one or both of the supply pipes, and was at a high enough [...]