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Water, water everywhere & not a drop to drink!

The next week was “Project Water”. In Brazil, or more accurately, in this area of Brazil (we’re sure Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo are probably different) you don’t wait till the water board show up. Nope, you go and get your water. We knew, from information Simon had, that where the house was situated [...]

Lines & Levels

OK, back to the work needed on the house build. Simon had architects drawings and had builders ready and waiting to start but Brazilian bureaucracy was doing what bureaucracy does everywhere and holding the project up. Whilst in the UK we wait for staff using computer systems to process planning applications, Simon was waiting for [...]

The Road to Floriano

The ‘what next’ involved being put to work by one of the other missionaries, in a different town in the state of Piaui. Simon another Swiss missionary and his family were working with a Brazilian Pastor (Pastor Walter) to start a Church in the town of Floriano. Technically the new church building was across the [...]

Going batty in Brazil

After the marathon air travel, we arrived in the Brazilian state of Piaui, and the city of Teresina. The venue had been picked following a convoluted series of links, from Vermont through Switzerland to us in Italy. We had put out some feelers, with a number of people we knew, including Pastor Neal from the [...]