Fears & First Night

Flying to Rio Linz was a little nervous of what to expect. The guide book (yes, Lonely Planet) spent quite a large chunk of print outlining the various dangers, threats and annoyances we could encounter when we landed. It also went into some detail explaining the various areas that it was ok to stay in. Some that were too close to favelas and could be dangerous, and some that were basically just dodgy parts of town. It was with some trepidation that we’d finally picked a hotel and we were hoping that our hotels.com lottery had paid off. After fervent prayer that we stayed safe, or at least kept our hard to replace belongings, we had landed and were in the midst of it.

Lindsey having a quick chat in the queue for the ladies confirmed that a taxi was the best option to get to our hotel. It seemed we would have to change buses otherwise, plus one of the things Lonely Planet warned about was using the buses at night with luggage…..!!

We arrived safe and sound and our hotel was lovely & in a great position. Everything was a lot more expensive in Rio than we had come across in the rest of Brazil but the price we paid for the Windsor Plaza Hotel was worth it. The only downfall we find with staying in hotels over hostels is that you have to pay for internet access. How come the most basic hostels can provide free wifi but hotels end up charging £10 per day??

Our first night we wandered out towards Copacabana beach, just a couple of blocks from our hotel and grabbed some food. Colin, thinking that we were eating too much beef opted for the chicken, “little chicken” as it was described in the menu. When it arrived it literally looked like someone had just flattened a small whole chicken and deep fried it. We couldn’t help calling it “road kill”, fortunately Colin was not put off but did admit to some food envy as Lindsey’s beef stroganoff arrived. Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us though!

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