Lima Lights, Camera, Action

After our time in Ecuador we had decided to visit Iguazu falls. Getting there, however was a bit of a marathon. First of all our flight from Guayaquil to Lima was early in the morning, leaving us all day in Lima before our night flight to Argentina. We arrived in Lima to a bit of a scare as we could see billows of black smoke through our plane windows where we thought the airport should be. We landed safely but could still see the smoke when we were picking up our bags. Turns out the cargo terminal next to the airport had gone up in a massive fire. We just hoped no-one had been hurt.

Thank goodness it was not a plane!

We had a full day in Lima to fill before our next flight so first off we caught up on texts, emails and a bit of the blog at a Starbucks in Lima airport, interrupted occasionally by the fire alarm going off from the smoke next door (we didn’t have to evacuate though!). Eventually we decided to venture out leaving our bags in the left luggage area. Thankfully, this time we would be in a Lima on a day when the fountain park would be open, but it didn’t open until 5pm so we still had a day to fill!

We took a taxi to the fountain park area though, in the hope that there would be bars and restaurants there where we could catch some Champions League football we knew was on that day and just chill out till there was something better to do. A walk around that area led to us realising there was nothing to do there so we walked into the city centre, getting a few curious looks as we passed through neighbourhoods not usually ventured into by tourists.

They even rolled out the red carpet for us!

In the city centre we found ourselves a mall and an all you can eat buffet lunch which included our Peruvian favourite, Lomo Saltado!! More importantly the football was on too. Perfect! We took our time there and stopped in a shopping mall to buy Colin a new watch. No, he’d not lost his old one, it had just died! We then went on a hunt for a post office to send some postcards and wandered into some beautiful squares, Lima has some lovely architecture.

Clearly the Spanish had an influence in Lima's city centre

We also managed to find the Presidential Palace, but for some reason they would not let us in?? Day filled it was then time for the fountain park.

They weren't up for letting us in for a look around!

Linz however, did get the royal treatment!

The park was amazing.

You would never have expected this in Lima - better than Vegas?!

Really something special. The fountains were brought to life with music and lights and were just stunning.

Even the Panama hat got to see the fountains!

That's Lindsey, in the blur of water (yes, she did get wet)

They were interactive too, they’d created a maze with fountains that came on and off as you wound your way to the centre.

Can you time it.....

You just had to guess when they’d shoot up. Something that Linz badly mistimed as she hurdled a spout. You can guess where the water went!!!!

Colin can!

The piece d’ resistance however was a show projected onto the fountains. Figures dancing in the fountains to various types of music, as the fountains changed colour was just magical.

After a lovely day out in Lima city, we went back to the airport for our next flight. We’d had to book return flights to Cordoba to get the cheapest deal but the flight went via Buenos Aires. Thankfully we were able this time to collect our bags in Buenos Aires and not have to get on the next flight to Cordoba, shortening our next trip to Iguazu! We tried to sleep on the Lima to Buenos Aires flight but without much success so we arrived in BA pretty tired. First stop was the bus station. We’d decided the cheapest, best way to get to Iguazu would be by bus.

Eventually we found where the operators were that went to Iguazu falls then it was time for Linz to guard the bags whilst Colin, using his by now pretty good Spanish found out who went there, when, how long they took and of course what the cost was. We discovered quickly it was an 18 hour journey and nobody was leaving Buenos Aires until around 7pm that evening. We booked with ??, stored our bags with them and then we had another day to fill.

After our unpleasant stay in Guayaquil, our day in Lima which included getting wet in the fountains, and an overnight flight we were in need of a shower. So we went to the local starbucks and searched, and searched for a leisure centre, for a spa for a hotel that let you use its facilities but found nothing. We knew where the Sheraton was and we knew they had a spa so we went there. £30 a person for a shower was a no go. However we had lunch there and hovered around in one of their lounges. Used their internet and stank out there lobby for a day. Then we solved our camera problem finally finding a police station where we could report that we’d lost our camera so that we could claim for it on the insurance. Chores done we went back to the bus station and bought a few snacks ready for our journey. This time we’d really gone for it in terms of luxury.

Is it time to get up yet?

We’d booked ‘full cama’ seats on the bus, which meant we had seats that reclined fully horizontal. Also we’d have meals, champagne amongst a bar service and entertainment for the journey!!

I'll try and stay awake.....honest!!

It was even better than we’d expected. Linz managed to stay awake for one film and her dinner but was fast asleep by the time the whiskey got offered round. Colin had his then quickly followed Lindsey’s lead. We were in Iguazu in no time. Just after 50 something hours of travel!

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