Amazing Iguazu

Getting off the bus we were relieved and grateful to discover that our hostel was directly opposite the bus station. Thankfully the taxi driver we asked told us this rather than take our fare and drive us around for a few minutes!

Our room wasn’t ready as it was only mid morning but we were able to use a shower room and finally get that clean up we desperately needed. Feeling refreshed after a good wash & change of clothes we went back to the hostel reception to get some more information. Iguazu Falls is actually at the tri-nation meeting point between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Incidentally as Paraguay is very malarial this means you have to take anti-malarials here! The falls are best viewed with paths and platforms set up for the views from the Brazilian and Argentinean sides.

Welcome to the fabulous Iguacu falls......Brazilian side first

We had one and a half days to do the falls and after some consultation decided to do the Brazilian side first with the remainder of the day we had and spend all the following day exploring the Argentinean side. This would mean some border hoping but what’s a few more stamps in the passport??¬†We were just in time to catch another bus, this time a fairly short journey with a stop for passport control to the Brazilian side of the falls. I’m not sure what we were expecting exactly but they were stunning.

Just stunning and this is just one section of the falls!!

The main fall that you can see from the Brazilian side is called Devil’s throat. It was amazing how they had constructed the platforms to let you get really up close and personal with it.

Any closer and Linz will get a free hair wash

The butterflies that were everywhere were just amazing too. They kept landing on us to get the salt from our sweat. They were as tame as anything and posed fairly happily to have their pictures taken.

Come on leave the salt alone...pose for the camera..

We also saw some more coati. We’d seen these raccoon like creatures on our honeymoon in Costa Rica, and are found in most Latin American and Southern American countries. They can be a bit of a pest though as they scavenge for food like very badly behaved dogs!


Cute, but annoying!

We had to walk back all too quickly though and catch our bus back to the Argentinean side before it went without us. Still we would have plenty to see the following day. Back in the town on the Argentinean side of the border we had a great meal in a roof top restaurant, then headed for a kip in a real bed for the first time in 3 days.

Everywhere we look...... there are waterfalls

The next morning we got up bright and early. We had the full day to see the falls but then we had to grab a taxi and head over to the Brazilian side again to get the plane to Sao Paulo. We left our luggage with the hostel and set off, desperate to see as much as we could. We’d also booked, through the hostel, a boat trip to the falls which we thought would be a bit like the “Maid in the Mist” trip that you can go on at Niagara falls.

Linz just about managed to look over this!

When we saw the map of the amount of falls we could see on the Argentinean side and the amount of viewing platforms and walkways we could get to, we realised we would have to prioritise. The park is so big there is a little train that takes you to various areas which means you get to see more than you could ever hope to cover on foot in a day. We went to the furthest point first and were rewarded with some great views. We were stood at the top of the Devil’s throat that we’d stood at the bottom of on the previous day.

Yes we were stood at the bottom of this....

Heading back from there we were just blown away by the sheer size of the area. The number of falls and the volume and force of the water tumbling over them. It was just awe insipiring. After taking in a few more areas we headed off on our boat ride. We were expecting to get a bit wet, especially when they gave you a special waterproof bag to put your belongings in. We weren’t expecting however to be repeatedly taken right under the waterfalls, on both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides. We couldn’t have got wetter if we’d dived in the river!! It was exhilerating and a little bit frightening to be up so close with that volume of water. The engine on the boat really had to pull to drag us away from each fall. It really was just incredible.

See that cloud of water, we went into that!!!!!

After our soaking we only had a couple of hours left to dry out before we had to start thinking about heading back. We wandered further into the falls areas, just unable to stop marvelling at the beauty of the water and the setting. Surrounded by a tropical rainforest and all sorts of birds and butterflies, and even the odd alligator, it felt truly magical. We tried to dry ourselves out as best as we could. Colin carrying his t-shirt on his arm trying to coax it to dry in the breeze!

Come on sun, where are you when I need you?

Eventually we decided we’d seen as much as we could and ended up having to jog back to the entrance to get our bus back.

Just stunning!

We made it and grabbed our luggage from the hostel. We piled everything into the taxi, apologising that we were still soaking and crossed once again into Brazil. We arrived at the airport, still wet and getting cold in the air conditioning when we realised that we had some clothes in our hand luggage. Relieved we dried off and changed in the toilets. Just as we were about to board though, Linz realised she hadn’t got her sun glasses! A quick run round the airport and she found them. She’d left them in the ladies loo when she was changing but thankfully some kind soul had handed them in. We were on our way with all our belongings. Ready to organise our next adventure. We’d given ourselves 3 nights in Sao Paulo to organise a trip to the Amazon. Our last hurrah before leaving South America for a visit back in the UK.

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