Plodding in Sao Paolo

We arrived in Sao Paulo late at night and caught a local bus to our hotel. We got off where the driver told us to but then had no idea where we should go. After wandering around and getting a bit nervous as we negotiated quiet back streets we eventually got in a taxi that took us around the block to our hotel. At the hotel it was all a bit confusing when we thought we’d prepaid and they thought we hadn’t then they told us the kitchen was still open for dinner when it turned out it was closed. Not a good start!

The next morning we woke up with the idea to relax and to research our trip to the Amazon. We’d already booked flights that got us to Manaus (the biggest city in the Amazon region) on Monday night. Today was Sunday. Our flight back to Sao Paulo was on the following Saturday and our flight to England on Sunday. We had a small window of opportunity and we planned to use it!

We read loads of reviews, finally narrowed down exactly what we wanted to see and do in the Amazon and found three or four companies that matched our requirements. Emails sent we then headed out to see what Sao Paulo was like. We didn’t get very far. We followed the directions the hotel had given us to the nearest sports bar where we could have a snack and watch the football but couldn’t locate it. Fed up of wandering we headed back to the hotel and just settled in for the game there.

We were able to pick a tour company too. We’d had replies back and from what they put on their emails and costs quoted we decided to go with Iguana Tours. We just hoped now they were everything they said they’d be.

That night we headed out to try and see a bit more of Sao Paolo, Brazil’s largest city. Lonely Planet had recommended a restaurant in a particular part of the city. We caught a taxi there to find, not for the first time, that the information was out of date. Instead we found an Italian restaurant where the owner, came from Piemonte. The food was great and was just what the doctor ordered

Following our mammoth traveling we still had wet clothes to dry and a whole pile of washing to clean but we quickly found out that Sunday was not a day to get any laundry done. Instead we occupied ourselvesĀ  for the day preparing some more for the next stage of the trip. Net morning, before our flight we trailed around Sao Paulo desperately trying to find a laundrette and get everything washed and dried before we had to go and catch our plane! Task complete, it was back to the hotel and packing.

We had booked to stay in a hotel on Sao Paulo airport for the final night before our flight home to the UK and managed to do a deal with the hotel there that we could leave our big bags in storage for the 5 days we were in the Amazon free of charge. Bonus!! That meant all we had to carry was our small hand luggage bags with just the clothes we needed, and a lot of insect repellent.

David from Iguana Tours met us at the airport and took us to the hostel we’d booked in Manaus. It saved us the fare and from there point of view I guess they were now more sure that we were going to turn up and pay them! Our journey to the Amazon would start the following morning. The hostel was very basic but we were so excited about the trip to come we didn’t notice too much and just got on with anticipating the next day.

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  1. Rich Crosson says:

    Haven’t checked on you in a while. How are you guys doing? Where are you now? Whats your next adventure? Michele and I are enjoying wedded bliss,we’ve made it 3 1/2 months so far. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. kathy says:

    You sure have been plodding a long time!

  3. kathy says:

    Well it is about time.

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