Amazonian Adventures – Part 2

After lunch it was time to pack up our stuff ready for a night camping outside in the jungle. We decided the essentials we needed and bundled the rest of our stuff up in the lodge. We then had a bit of a wait as the heavens decided to open.

Alan was very reluctant to head out until it was completely dry as he didn’t want to get our hammocks or any of the supplies wet. Eventually it dried out and we were off. We travelled through the rainforest to an area that had been set up to allow camping outside.

Basic accomodation was waiting for us out in the Jungle!

The tour company had built an open sided shelter and it was under this that we needed to set up our hammocks. We took the equipment out of the canoes and built our camp. Alan showed us how to thread the hammocks through the mosquito nets and wedge a stick above where our heads would go to give us some breathing space. Holes in the mosquito nets were then filled with toilet paper.

Linz inspecting the repair work in the mosquito nets at our jungle shelter

We just finished setting up before it went dark. Alan then prepared a basic meal of chicken and rice for us in the jungle, throwing the scraps outside the edge of the camp area, where a large cayman appeared to lay clim to the leftover chicken bone scraps. apparently it was the same caymen that had come to the site a few times earlier and Alan had affectonately named it Buster. We then headed out for a bit more cayman hunting, smaller ones though than Buster who was lurking around and a night paddle to adjust to the sounds around us.

Going back to our hammocks Colin discovered a ginormous¬† spider on the top of his mosquito net, thankfully outside the net. He enquired with Alan who confirmed, that yes it was poisonous and the best thing you could do would be to find a stick and flick it off. Ok. So it was flicked off. James tried to kill it on the floor but it was just too quick and disappeared into the undergrowth. But it had found its way on to the net once, sooo…….

It was time then time to use the jungle loo – the ground behind a tree – and climb into our hammocks. By this time an extremely annoying Pakistani couple had joined us who kept us all awake talking in to the night. Eventually they went to sleep and so did the rest of us. They then woke us all up in the night, trying to get a torch off the guide for a nocturnal toilet visit and then next thing we knew it was morning.

Morning Campers.......breakfast is served...hi de hi!!

A bit cramped up from the cold night air on our sweaty skin and clothes and aching from our exertions but in one piece. Breakfast was served and then we were back in the canoes.

Beautiful morning in the Amazonian rainforest....canoes waiting for their

On the way back to the camp we went through some more rainforest, not seeing a lot as the Pakistani’s were very noisy and adverse to pulling there own weight with the paddling. Alan sorted them out though, positioning them at the front of the canoe and steering them into all kinds of trees and branches. Well, if they don’t listen they needed some greater instruction!!!

We then stopped at a traditional Amazonian family home. We were showed around their pineapple plantation which formed the family’s main source of income.

Pineapple plants are one of the Amazonian cash crops

They also grew manioc. This is a root crop, found all over Brazil that has to be washed pulped, cooked, sun dried and crumbled to be edible. Quite an industry for what is essentially a bland, tasteless food. Worse than boiled potatoes! Their life was very plain and simple, living off the land and staying together as a family. It reinforced for us that you don’t need a lot of material goods to be happy.

A local bug hung up to warn off nosey tourists!!

Then it was back to camp for a much, much needed shower. Getting as clean as we could we changed, and ended up binning the extremely sweaty clothes we’d slept out in and that had been soaked in the rain on our way back. We then packed up once again and boarded the speed boat for the start of the journey back to Manaus. Our Amazon adventure was over.

The hostel in Manaus just seemed grim after our time in the jungle so we headed out for some sustenance, found a pizza place in the main square, and stayed out till we had to sleep.

The main square in Manaus on our last evening in the Amazon

Next morning was the FA Cup Final and we really wanted to watch the game. The places the hostel were recommending weren’t showing it so we wandered around a bit aimlessly. Eventually we came across a little cafe on a back street who had it on. Fantastic! We watched the last few minutes of the first half and all the second half. We were a bit gutted when Stoke didn’t really turn up and just gave the trophy to Manchester City, but at least we got to see it. The rest of the day we spent hunting for a Brazil shirt for Linz and then it was time for our plane ride back to Sao Paulo. We were extremely sweaty yet again, poor people next to us on the plane!!

We recovered our belongings at the airport hotel. Had yet another deep cleaning shower, a good nights sleep and got ready for our flight back to the UK. See you later, South America!


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    Loved your Amazon adventure, don’t think it is my cup of tea.

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