Jet to Jersey & Wag’s Wedding

Caught the shuttle, just, the next morning and headed out to Terminal 5, for the BA flight to Newark, New Jersey. We’d had a bit of a hitch the previous night while checking in online and as we arrived the booked seats had us at opposite ends of the Economy section of the plane. After a little help from the BA crew at the gate we were back to sitting together right at the back of the Economy section, but it did allow some more leg room for Colin, so a result all round.

We arrived on time in Newark, New Jersey but had to wait over an hour in the passport control queue, before picking up our luggage, the wait was made better by us running into David Gower (a famous English cricketer) and his wife, especially as he signed Lindsey’s boarding card for her Dad. Customs cleared we were met by Colin’s cousin Tony and his wife Kathy, who had been waiting patiently. Then it was off south via the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway (‘Garden State’ being New Jersey’s nickname – all 50 states have them), to South Jersey and Linwood, where they lived. Including a brief diversion when the navigation slipped a little we arrived at their home 3 hours later. The plan was a total of 8 nights here split by 2 nights in Florida for a friends wedding.

Really enjoyed being back in South Jersey

Visiting Kathy & Tony and their family is something Colin has been doing since 1978, and the welcome is always warm.

Linz and Kathy enjoying a good read on the beach...welcome as warm as ever

After a relaxing first night it’s off to one of the fabulous local beaches, this one in Ventnor, the city just south of Atlantic City.

Enjoying time on Ventnor Beach

The weather was hot and the ocean great fun. We were introduced to one of Atlantic City’s newest dining venues, Harry’s Bar, owned by Kathy’s Brother-in-Law and his Brother. It was a great evening meeting up with some old friends. Good food and good company, always a blessing.

We decided we would visit one of South Jersey’s oldest communities, Cape May at the most southern end of the state of New Jersey, could trace its history back to the start of the colonisation of this part of the USA.

Congress of the oldest sites in Cape May....not you Linz

It was a 40 minute ride down the Garden State Parkway, followed by a wander around the town. The architecture is really attractive, and it’s a nice relaxing place to spend time, which makes it a popular weekend haunt.

One of the fabulous old buildings in Cape May New Jersey

We visited Colin’s Great Aunty, and Tony’s Mum, Freda in her convalescent home in Linwood, and it was good to see her looking so well at 92, after a recent bout of pneumonia had been fought off successfully. She had formed the main link between the UK and the USA for Colin’s family after marrying Art Eaton during World War 2. We have covered this before during our visit to Plymouth Massechusets, but at the risk of boring our readers…..Art’s ancestors can be traced to a Francis Eaton who had been a passenger on the Mayflower, and Freda’s maiden name was Francis…..some coincidence!

After another day at the beach, it was an early night before our 6.30am flight to Orlando Florida.


Linz really enjoyed her first visit to a water park

The hire car pick up is followed by a quick dash to take Linz to ‘Wet & Wild’, as she’s never been to a water park. A few hours of splashing around and reverting to kids on fun slides later, and we were off on Interstates 4 & 75 for the drive to Englewood in mid Florida for our friends wedding. Calvin had been a friend of Colin’s for over 10 years, and had been an usher at our wedding.


As he and Naomi had chosen to get married in Florida and we had planned to be in the States at the same time, we really wanted to help them celebrate their special day. Having checked in to our motel, it was a quick (well slow after getting lost) dash to their house on the nearby Rotonda development, to meet them and the other guests and to hear the timetable for the wedding day.


The Wedding party of family & friends

We received a great welcome from Calvin & Naomi and their friends and family. Next morning and we were the first to arrive at the Beach wedding venue. Yes it is worth making a clear note here for posterity (Calvin and others take note), that we were not only early but were the first guests to arrive, see miracles are possible!!

Not a bad spot for the nuptials....and we're here early

Colin even had time to help with setting up the Arch for the ceremony.

Do you get extra drinks for this?

Wedding ceremony completed, on a gorgeous beach venue, we adjourned for some welcome cold drinks and the wedding breakfast, Florida style in a nearby restaurant. may kiss the Bride...aaaahh

Formalities over and we had a great chilling afternoon, with one slight drawback. Linz had been fighting off a cold, but it had finally hit with a vengence the night before. Colin had gone on a mission for drugs and vitamins, but they had yet to take effect. So apologies given, she spent the evening after the wedding in bed to try and sweat it out.

Colin was up on UK time on Sunday morning, watching the start of final round of The (British) Open Golf championship. Darren Clarke was in the lead after 3 rounds and he really hoped it could be a British winner. Later in the day after our flight back to New Jersey, we were informed he had done it in style. Linz was feeling a bit better as the drugs had started to work.


Colin and his cousin Tony....just chilling

Back in New Jersey, we were picked up by Tony at the Atlantic City airport, which is only 15 minutes from Linwood…….fabulous! Once back at their home we helped Kathy & Tony prepare for a barbecue they had planned to coincide with our visit. It was great to meet so many old friends and relatives of theirs and some new ones too. It was also good to meet up with Kathy’s brother Richie and his fiancĂ© Michelle, who would be getting married later in July. It was a real pity that the plans for our ongoing journey did not allow us time to be at their ceremony, but we hoped their special day would be brilliant, and we pray for a long and fruitful married life to both of them.

Siting on the dock of the Bay....just fabulous with family & friends

We were invited to a barbecue at Kathy’s Sister, Bernadette & Joe, her husband’s new home on the Bay in Ventnor. It is a fabulous location, with a large deck bordering the Bay, just right for some safe swimming for their kids Maddy & Kat. One of their toys was a large floating trampoline, tethered to the deck, and the biggest kid of all……yes you’ve guessed it……Colin was out playing on it. First though we had to assist in relocating it closer to the deck as it had drifted out in to the middle of the bay and had attracted some complaints from passing boat traffic. Relocation complete it was enjoyed by all. The barbecue was a very chilling evening in good company. Plans were made for us to reciprocate the hospitality in Italy in 2012.

Missy and Colin putting the world to right

The rest of the week was great fun just chilling in sunny South Jersey with Kathy & Tony, daughter Missy (not forgetting her son Anthony of course), daughter Jen and her boyfriend Charlie.

Enjoying evening time in Ventnor with Kathy, Tony, Jen & Charlie

We missed being able to see Chris, their son, his wife Danielle and their son Christopher, but we hope to catch up with them on out next trip, God willing.

Kathy, Jen and Missy enjoying the beach

The finale of the visit was another barbecue at Bernadette & Joe’s home, with us doing the cooking. Shrimp and Pork kebabs were the order of the evening, and we hope all enjoyed the food as much as we enjoyed the cooking, the evening, and our whole visit. The next morning we were chauffeured up the New Jersey coast to Longbranch, where we caught the train to Manhattan’s Penn Station. From there it was another train to Jamaica station on Long Island and then the Airtrain out to JFK Airport for our flight to San Francisco. There we would meet up with Colin’s sister Liz, her financee Richard, Colin’s Uncle Michael and his girlfriend Karen.

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