Into the Interior

Our last full day in Floriano was spent with Simon exploring the interior. First things first though, Simon received a phone call from Bebeo, the guy who looked after materials supply to the site. Overnight the water must have come on, from one or both of the supply pipes, and was at a high enough pressure to fill the tank. Great news, we’ve never felt so much a sense of achievement and pleasure for Simon and the whole team. We stopped by the site for our moment of glory before heading into the outback.

Let there be water......Yeeeeesssssss!!! Thank God


Foundations underway....Simon leaves it with Raimunde (far right) as Colin listens in

You can picture the house already........come on try harder!!

The trip into the interior followed dirt roads from Floriano to Sao Francisco, and went through some “interesting” countryside and remote villages. The purpose of the trip was for Simon to get to know the area better and to establish what knowledge of Christianity there was in the area, so he could assess his ‘parish and its requirements .

No idea why the car had a problem later....

The horses were better suited to the terrain!


We had some interesting meetings. One with a group of women sat around harvesting nuts from palm trees, which would sell for 1 Real (40p) per Kg, at local markets. Watching them work, with smiles and laughter ever present, was a further lesson in humility for us.

Hard work and laughter were all we could see & hear

Another was with a Pastor and his wife from an assembly of God church in one the larger villages. All through the tour, people’s hospitality and friendliness was fabulous.

Assembly of God church........more hospitality on our trip

We also noticed how good Simon was with people, instantly able to talk in a very relaxed manner with them in a very disarming way, that, with his knowledge of the language, seemed to earn him some instant respect. We didn’t say it to him at the time but we were both very impressed with him for this.

On the way back we also had a slight challenge with his car.

No Simon, I don't think we left the car here.......but what's that noise

Not sure if some of the bumps, fords and pot holes we’d gone through & into had an affect on it, or whether it was just one of those annoying unpredictable electrical faults but the alarm would not turn off.

Even with all this hi-tech support, Simon, where exactly are we????

Yes this is the road........we're sure the car can take it!!

We could get in the car, we could drive, the horn however just beeped continually. Lindsey found the concept of us driving all the way back, at least 2-3 hours honking our horn through every village hilarious.

Yeah yeah very funny Mrs Davies

Colin & Simon were less amused though, especially as getting back involved crossing police check points and it turns out we should have been carrying our passports everywhere with us in Brazil – oops. God was good though, and as mysteriously as it started, the alarm stopped. Embarrassment saved we were on our way back.

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