Cocooned in Morro

Land, beautiful land, don't go away from us!

Getting to Morro de Sao Paulo involved a 2 1/2 hour boat ride. Not Lindsey’s favourite mode of transport but thankfully she could stand at the front, Titantic style. It kept the horizon in front of her and nausea at bay!

I'm smiling till we move!

One of the features of Morro de Sao Paulo is that there are no vehicles on the island. So, when you disembark its a matter of strapping the rucksacks on and walking to the hotel. We could have been lazy and enlisted the help of one of the ‘wheelbarrow’ taxis that were queuing up to take our stuff. We’re British however, and a little tight (on a budget we like to think!!) so it was up the hill and down the other side on foot for us!

See Linz it's just over that hill to the right and down to the village behind.....simple really

Lindsey was almost dead (her words) by the time we got there but we were rewarded by the beautiful views from our hotel, or do you call in guest house? Whatever the Brise del Mar was literally right on the beach.

Not a bad view from the bedroom!

We arrived in the early evening, and being warm weather namby pambies now, after a month in Brazil, we didn’t brave the water. Instead we set out for an explore. The beaches on Morro are creatively named, First Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach and so on.

First beach and second beach from right to left

Just a quick note on that, the Portuguese and Brazilians also have a simple method of day naming, Saturday is Sabado, Sunday is Domingo, but then Monday is segunda-feira or second day, Tuesday is third day etc. What happened to first day we want to know??

Anyway, we were staying on First Beach. The town and island consists of a long main road flanked by hotels, restaurants and shops down to the First Beach. From here you follow the coast around to Second Beach, probably the most touristy area, boasting some nice restaurants and some more expensive hotels. From Third Beach on the island is quieter and the beaches emptier. An ideal resort really. You have opportunities to take part in activities from banana boats to kayaking in one area and in the other you can enjoy the beauty in relative solitude.

We got as far as the end of Second beach on our first night, returning to the main area of the town for all you can eat pizza. Lovely.

Spot Linz in her where's Wally uniform!

For once Linz woke before Colin... caught in the act!

And then relegated

The second day dawned and we spent most of the morning in and out of the ocean. Crystal clear waters and boiling temperatures meant that the sea could not be resisted. During the afternoon we walked to the Fourth Beach as it had been recommended by Simon & Rahel from Floriano. Overall it was the least sandy beach and Colin did not take up the challenge to beat Simon’s time for running to the sea from the treeline. The tide was out and it was an obstacle course not a smooth beach. (we’re sure the tide was in for your attempt Simon!!).

Check out my 6 pack.... behind the barrel....

By the time we made it back to the hotel we discovered that our sun cream was not strong enough or that we just hadn’t put enough on, we were tomatoes! Linz also discovered that her bikini had started to rot with the salty sea water and unlike our last trip had only brought one with her. No problem, Colin declared, we’re in Brazil, bikini capital of the world?!!? After we had been into most of Morro’s bikini shops we discovered that Brazilian bikinis display more than Lindsey was happy to! We gave up eventually and went for dinner instead.

Lit up by our glowing skin

Our ferry back to Salvador left at 3pm so we had all of the morning to enjoy Morro. Most of the time we spent on the beach. This time though we were sensible, staying in the shade and covering up our burnt bits! Colin could not resist the zip wire into the mountain though. Linz was not so keen as it involved launching yourself off a cliff into the mid air – not her cup of tea. So, instead she was photographer as Colin hurtled down the 70m drop, 300m of “pure adrenaline” to the ocean. Hmmm. Even Colin was nervous when instructed to push off in such a way as to avoid hitting the cliff below. Landed safely he claims it was a lot of fun!!

Click here for Colin doing a Tarzan impression

Splash landing

Then it was back to strapping all our gear on and hiking back up the hill, pausing for lunch and then hiking back down to the dock. This time, after a bit of strap adjusting, and maybe because of the pause for lunch, Linz survived better.

Ok, I'll face this way for a photo, then back to the horizon

Not so great on the boat though, this boat didn’t allow for Titanic style riding at the front so Linz had to make do with staring at the horizon at the back. We landed without her throwing up & then it was out to our hotel, back in Salvador again.

We docked to a great sunset

Colin had managed to find a hotel close to the airport that we could chill in for the evening and then get the plane the next morning pretty easily to Uruguay. It was called Cocoon Hotel and it was a quirky place, they had a bit of an astronaut theme going on and a minimalist theme. We reckon that the concrete could do with a paint coat though, stop it shedding dust everywhere. When we arrived we discovered the pool was still open though, so whipping off our clothes (you’ll be glad to know bathers were underneath), we dived in. A cocktail at pool edge was perfect.

The hotel had also set up a business where the poor collected tin cans and were paid for them. The ring pull openers were then taken by craftsmen and formed into a chain mail style of fabric. The hotel then used this for chair upholstery, bed spreads, wall paper, everything. A good way though of passing employment to a lot of people.

An entrepreneurial idea

The plane awaited though. Next stop Rio de Janeiro.

Off, off and away!

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